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Anthuriums are herbaceous epiphytes local to tropical America. They are a standout amongst the most prominent tropical blooms with a long vase life of around six weeks and considerably all the more relying upon the assortment and season. Anthuriums are developed for their splendidly shaded blossom spathes and their fancy takes off. The red, heart-formed bloom of Anthuriums is truly a spathe or a waxy, altered leaf flaring out from the base of a meaty spike (spadix) where the modest genuine blossoms grow.Anthurium plants can endure all levels of circuitous light, yet anthuriums developing in low light will have less blossoms and will become slower. These plants can't endure coordinate light, in any case, as this can smolder the clears out. It develops best in brilliant, circuitous light.

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The anthurium blossoms show up as harshness on the spadix when contrasted with a smooth spadix. Most basic shades of anthuriums are red and shades of red. Anthuriums need a profoundly natural soil with great water maintenance capacity and great waste. An all-around depleted soil is essential to keep the spoiling of stems and roots. For more details Send An Enquiry Here

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