Wholesale flowers are loved by all. Any type of wholesale flowers are always needed for any event or occasion. You can buy them in large volume at a lower price. Orchids are one of the most popular cut flowers. Apart from adorning a venue, wholesale orchid flowers are also useful for styling a bouquet. The Orchids, also known as Orchidaceae, has been popular family of flowering plants. There are around 28,000 species of orchidaceae. Orchids are found in North America, Europe, Asia and almost all tropical regions. There are several hybrids of orchids and they are also used in perfumes, medicines and food. They are also known as cultural symbols of various countries. If you are looking for distinct species of wholesale flowers, Prospect Flowers is one of the quality option in Pune. They have rightly tapped the wholesale flower market in Pune.

pink cymbidium orchids


Price: Rs.1000 per stem

red cymbidium orchids


Price: Rs.1000 per stem

White Cymbidium orchid


Price: Rs.1000 per stem

yellow cymbidium orchids


Price: Rs.1000 per stem

Also known as boat orchid, cymbidium is one of the well known species of Orchidaceae family. Its name is derived from latin word cymba that means boat. This flower is found in India, Japan, Malaysia, China and Philippines among others. They flower mostly in winter and are available in variety of colours like white, green, pink, yellow, brown and red among others.

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