Spider Mums are related to Chrysanthemums and hence called Chrysanthemum as well. They are from the genus of daisy family. They are beautiful seasonal flowers which are used for floral arrangements and kept in pots. The drooping legs resemble Spider’s legs given it the name. They are available in the different varieties and various shades of Green, Orange, Purple, White, black, blue and turquoise among others. When these flowers are cut for floral arrangement, they can remain fresh up to 14 days. Spider Moms are planted during summer which is May or June. You can certainly get these wholesale flowers for any of your occasion.

Wholesale flower market is buzzing with gorgeous flowers. You need to buy wholesale flowers with proper research. Chrysanthemums have culinary and insecticidal uses. Studies have shown that Chrysanthemums reduce indoor air pollution. Chrysanthemums are found in Asia and North Eastern Europe. Chrysanthemum is a cultural symbol of many countries like Australia, China, Germany, Italy, Japan and United States among others.

green Spider Moms


Price: Rs.1000 per bunch

purple Spider Moms


Price: Rs.1000 per bunch

white Spider Moms


Price: Rs.1000 per bunch

yellow Spider Moms


Price: Rs.1000 per bunch

Most of the people prefer wholesale cheap flowers as they are affordable and available in bulk. They can be easily used in various functions for floral arrangement for their spectacular looks. Prospect Flowers is an online florist in Pune who also caters to wholesale market in Mumbai.

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