Flowers are one of valuable beauties we have around us. There are myriad options of flowers around us. Either to send as your wishes or for decoration, you can pick up from the numerous varieties. There are several types and species of lilies which are available in colors of yellow, orange, pink, red and purple among others. Asiatic Lilies, Oriental Lilies, Calla Lilies, Easter Lilies and Water Lilies among others. Nowadays, you can get cheap wholesale flowers online easily.

Lilies have several surprising facts about them which are listed below :

First fact is Lily’s growth is not specific to locations; it has been found in India, Japan, Australia, US and most European countries.

wholesale lily flower

Second fact is Lilies have been beautified by various poets in their works.

Blue lily flower

Third fact is Lilies has huge amount of culinary uses and many countries have dishes named especially after Lilies.

Burgundy lily

Fourth Fact is Lily is a medicinal flower and the oil extracted from Lily can be used as moisturizer and oil for massage.

yellow lily

Fifth fact is the different flowers of Lilies have their own significance in various cultures.

Tiger Lily

Sixth fact is the various shades of lilies have their own symbolic meanings in countries.

Pink lily

Seventh fact is lilies have extremely long vase life compared to other flowers.

Orange Lily

Eight fact is there are various lily species. However, you need to differentiate the true lilies from it.

Water Lily

Ninth fact is although lilies are odorless, there are few species who boasts of fragrant smells.

Asiatic lily

Tenth fact is Lilies comes in the ten most popular flowers of the world.

Pink water lily

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