There is no limit when you look for decoration with flowers and Carnation is one of the most adorable flowers. People love to send bouquets of Carnations to their loved ones on special occasions. Right from birthdays to anniversaries and welcoming new baby or Christmas among others, Carnations have always shown their popularity This gorgeous flower is native to Mediterranean region and is available in the shades of pinkish purple, green, yellow, white and red among others. You can check wholesale carnation flowers to get right quality and quantity.

Apart from its gorgeous shades, carnations are also popular for its symbols. Light red carnations represent admiration, dark red carnations symbolizes love and affection, white carnations denote pure love and luck and pink carnation signifies mother’s undying love among others. Carnations are mostly favored on Mother’s Day as in 1907 Anna Jarvis chose carnation as the emblem of Mother’s Day. Carnations are the first wedding anniversary flowers. Several countries have separate meanings and symbols for various shades of carnation flowers used during numerous special occasions in their respective nations. You can pick wholesale flowers of carnations to impress your loved ones.

You can opt for umpteen ways to decorate carnations for an event or a wedding which are below mentioned in detail :

First way is at the entrance of your venue. You can create floral arches at the entrance with Carnations.

Floral Entrance

Second way is to have aisle space decorated with Carnation flowers.

Aisle with Flowers


Third way is to have your central mandap decorated with Carnations flower arrangement above.

Central Mandap

Fourth way is the backdrop of stage. The reception stage can have colorful carnation background for nice photographs.

Floral Backdrop

Fifth way is to have carnations in a decorative vase standing around in the corner. You can look for wholesale flowers online for your events and functions to save the time and efforts of shopping.

Carnation Vase

Sixth way is to highlight them during reception. You can have small central pieces on reception tables to make the guests feel welcomed.

Center Table

Seventh way is to decorate the chairs of the guests with garlands of carnation flowers.

Chair Decoration

Eight way is to use through petals. You can use carnation petals with reusable wax candles to make an artistic effect.

Carnation Candles

Ninth way is to have hanging floral installation if you have indoor venue for your event.

Hanging Installation

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