Bridal bouquets always need to special; apart from the decor part, it has the emotional connect for the bride. You will rarely find a bride who doesn’t like flowers. Every girl wants her wedding day to be perfect to the core which is why they ensure you have everything in place. Along with her wedding gown, she also wants her bridal bouquet to be perfect. With lot of brainstorming and research with family and friends, she finalizes her dress and wedding bouquet. For a dazzling wedding bouquet, you need quality wholesale flowers as you require them in a larger volume.

Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Instead of buying expensive flowers from a nearby retail florist, you can opt for cheap wholesale wedding flowers from quality florists for your wedding. You can search for flower delivery services online who can provide wholesale flower delivery in India. Buying online can be real fun as it will save your time and energy during wedding days. They will provide you flowers at your doorstep. You can also track your delivery and read the internet reviews before hiring them.

wholesale flowers

While you may have myriad ideas about your wedding bouquet, you need to specific to give order to your wholesale flower suppliers. First idea is to opt for seasonal flowers. In India, you need to opt for flowers according to the climate and choosing seasonal flowers will look charming.

Wedding Bouquet

Second is to go natural. You can pick small wild garden flowers and match it with big flowers like rose or carnations. Bring in different shades. You can combine varied color of flowers to bring in that colorful glow to your bouquet. Buy wholesale flowers so you don’t have to limit your choices.

roses & carnation bouquet

If you like vibrant colours, go for those vivacious and bright choices of flowers. It will look stunning with your beautiful bridal dress. White looks elegant and rich. If you have liking for white, you can opt for complete white bouquet as well. Apart from the flowers, the green foliage in the form of creepers and grass also look amazing for a bouquet.

white bouquet

However, you need to ensure it is not too much to spoil the look. Keep in mind that you must coordinate your bridal bouquets with flowers and corsages of bridesmaid, boutonnieres and buttonholes of groom and groomsmen.

Wedding Boutonniere

so, choose accordingly. Prospect Flowers has rightly tapped the wholesale flower market in Pune.

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