Flowers make a matrimony journey colourful and fragrant. Whether there is a need to decorate the wedding venue, create eye-catching centrepieces, adorn cake table, stage for the couple, or wedding bouquets, they simply create magic. With wholesale flower market in Pune ready to fulfill your needs, take a look at these top 10 flowers for outdoor weddings.


Roses are easily available throughout the year. They are all-time popular flowers and are a symbol of love and romance. They are perfect for wedding bouquets, centrepieces, boutonniere, and outdoor decoration. For retail and wholesale cut flowers, you can contact wholesale flower supplier in Pune.



Marriage is a responsibility that people with courage can only take. If that is so, then display it with Protea flowers. These blossoms are perfect for wedding decoration since they are available in many colours, and brides of any religion, faith, and origin would just love it.

Protea Arrangement



When plenty of colours to create a vibrant atmosphere for outdoor wedding are your choice, then tulip flowers are what you must buy. They are available in many colours you can think of, and are affordable as well. They are best for wedding bouquets, centrepieces, and boutonnieres. Just contact the right wholesale flowers and suppliers in Pune to order.

Tulips Decoration



If you want to imbibe purity and elegance in wedding decoration, then hydrangea flowers will do it. With the help of expert florists, you can use them in myriads of arrangements from bouquets to centrepieces. Even if you simply place a bunch of nicely cut fresh hydrangea in a glass jar on a table, it will add to the beauty.

Hydrangea Decoration



When you want to inculcate charm and beauty in outdoor wedding, orchid flowers are what you must go for. You can get them in various shades, and use them according to the wedding theme in your mind. From minimalist to grand, orchid flowers are just best for wedding decoration.

Orchids Peacock



If wholesale flowers that can fit your budget is your choice, then carnation flowers are best to opt for. They are affordable, in varieties of colours, and best for creating back-drops. They are also useful in adding texture to wedding centrepieces.

Carnation Decoration



How about a wedding bouquet and centrepiece that exude a fresh and pleasing scent to the wedding venue? If Yes, then Lily will surely do so. Its bell-shaped florets suspended to a thin stem will make the wedding sacred as well.

Lily Bridal Bouquet



Just one look and you will be struck by the beauty of this flower. Their huge head and multiple petals are perfect for cup flower arrangements. They are available in a rainbow of colours and can also make an attractive boutonniere.

Ranunculus Arrangement



 No bride from anywhere in the world would ever turn her face away from this gorgeous bloom. In fact, brides simply love these blooms. Its softness, texture, and multi-petals are perfect for wedding bouquets. Since these blooms carry a large, full head, they are also best for centrepieces.

Peonies Decoration



If traditional wedding flower is what you want, then look no further than daisy. You can get it in various shades and use it for creating both rustic and vintage wedding theme. These lovely blooms also represent purity and innocence.

Daisy Arrangement


While choice of flowers may differ from person to person, you can have your favourite blooms by scouting for cheap wholesale flowers online. You can easily find all wedding flowers in Pune with right supplier of wholesale flowers.

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