A wedding is all about love, fun, food and enjoyment. As much as you like tassels and colorful drapes, the flowers also play a significant role in your wedding décor. They are used for instantly changing the aura of the room when used in the decoration. The wedding season is on now, so the requirement of flowers is also catching the pace. If you will see the crisp and clean decoration done with the flowers, you will find it timeless. The white flowers look superb for making the mandap very stunning and can also be used as a centerpiece.

Are you an Origami lover?

Prospect Flowers is the wholesale flowers and supplier in Pune and one stop destination where you can find the flowers for decoration.

If you are a flower fan, but do not want your decoration to be green, then paper flower is the excellent alternative as they look as fresh as before. With them a floral wall can be prepared.

Opt for the upside down garden

What its look when the ceiling is covered with the flowers? The upside down garden is the perfect idea for your wedding while exchanging the vows. This is a very unique and fresh idea for the wedding decoration.

upside down garden

Use the flowers into waffle cone or buckets

We are in the business of offering wholesale flowers that can be used differently in the form of buckets or waffle cone. It is a breakthrough from the old form of decoration with the flowers. This awesome idea can be used as the centerpiece.

floral waffle cone

Decorate them at the entry points

Despite making a large entry point and using drapes, you can go for huge floral arches at the entrance. Not only has the entry looked spacious, but dazzling too at the same time.

Floral Arch

Mixing the flowers

Those days are gone when only red or yellow flowers were used for the decoration purpose at the time of the wedding. Mix and match is the trend right now. It makes the interior very bright and colorful.

Mixed Flowers decoration

Making use of floral chandeliers

It’s better to swap away the heavy looking crystal chandelier and replace them with the flowers along with light that mimic their look. Try to hang the long strings of flowers like delicate mogras.

Floral Chandeliers

Potted plants could be a great idea

Even though of using origami flowers, ask your florist to make use of fresh flowers to be put into the plants. They can become the reason of inspiration at your wedding. We are the leading company in wholesale flower market in Pune.

Potted Plants

What about the floral chairs?

If you are thinking of making your guests sit in the lawn without spoiling their clothes, then floral chairs are the best. They not only make you enjoy the wedding, but also picture perfect. Ask your florist to create the cute floral chairs using different flowers that accentuate together to form a chair.

Floral Chairs


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