At the time of your wedding, finding the right brainwave is very important. The whole process is very difficult despite of this there is no shortage of ideas. Sometimes, it becomes very hard to figure out what goes best with the décor of the wedding place. For sure, everyone wants to have a clear décor and try to avoid clutter decoration.

Most of the time, it was seen that the couples change their wedding décor as they do not like it much. Decoration is what everyone likes to play with and the end result is marvelous. In place of crowding the tables, one can decorate the tables with beautiful flowers that keep your wedding looks eye catching. The wholesale flowers are available with us and you can order as per your requirements. It is the best way of highlight your venue and keeps the festive feeling as such.

The decoration of the venue totally depends on your choice. Whether you want lighting, florals, escort cards or canopy; hanging flowers are the best among others. The hanging flowers are best for making an impression on others and maximizing the aura of the place. Whatever type of wedding you have, you can order the cheap wholesale flowers online at most reasonable rates. Let’s have a look on different types of reception flowers décor ideas.

  1. Hanging Garden Inspiration

The flowers can be designed in the form of chandeliers, garlands, hanging topiaries and others. These are hung from the ceiling and become a beautiful addition to the decoration of your wedding.

Hanging Garden Inspiration

  1. Crystal chandelier

Pairing the gold plates along with the bright flowers will really stand out and become elegant crystal chandeliers that are perfect to hang. You can buy wholesale flowers online depending on your requirements.

Crystal chandelier

  1. Glowing lanterns

How it will look when your guests will stand below the glowing lanterns made of flowers? Your guests will definitely awe with the decoration. The installation of these lanterns is easy.

Glowing lanterns

  1. Hanging flowers and ribbons

This decoration looks like aisle and stunning and add an extra touch of elegance. Add this floral arrangement to welcome a chic look.

Hanging flowers and ribbons

  1. Whimsical art installation

The wedding is a beautiful affair between two people. It welcomes airy, whimsical feel and add a beautiful touch to the entire event.

Whimsical art installation

  1. Innovatively designed chandeliers

Being a leading company in the wholesale flower market in Pune, we offer beautifully designed chandeliers that augmented the look of the place. These beautifully replace the gold and crystal chandeliers.

Innovatively designed chandeliers

  1. Hanging Edison bulbs

The flowers are fixed with the bulbs of different shapes and sizes that lit up the area with marvelous lighting.

Hanging Edison bulbs

  1. Opt for branches and glass orbs

With the use of branches one can make a nest like structure from which you can hang the glass bulbs and candles. Hence, become an ideal light fixture.

glass orbs

  1. Hanging flowers

For your wedding, hanging flowers are the best options and catch the glimpse of your guests. Different varieties of flowers are perfect for exchanging the vows.

Hanging flowers

  1. Hanging lanterns

Hanging lanterns are ideal for the couple when they go for the candle light dinner. You can find the lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

Hanging lanterns

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