Seeing beautiful and fresh flowers while you get up from your bed brings a smile on our face. Not only has this, keeping fresh flowers in the office brought cheer and positive energy. Despite of their beauty, many of the cut flowers do not last for a longer period of time. It is a big heart break seeing them wilting and drooping after a few days of keeping them in a vase. Each kind of flowers requires its own kind of care. We are sharing some tips through which you can extend the life of your flowers and they will blossom like as they are fresh.
Tip 1: Regularly watering them and check the water level
If you buy wholesale flowers, then they require proper attention and it’s your duty to keep them alive for longer days. Watering is the best way to keep the flowers fresh. But, you have to check the water level regularly as the cut flowers need more water than the normal one. If you find the water level decrease, then add the sufficient amount.

Watering to Flowers

Tip 2: Instead of using tap water, use filtered water
Agreeing that watering the flowers with tap water is sufficient, but filtered water does wonders. It is helpful for them to live longer. Whether it is Phalaenopsis, moth orchid or Peace lily; all require filtered water for proper blooming. The filtered water also ensures the flowers remain fresh as long as possible. Now, you can easily buy wholesale cut flowers and take care of them properly.

Filtered Water
Tip 3: Always cut the ends of the stems
It is the best way by which the flowers soak the maximum of water. They required being trimmed daily whenever the water in the vase is changed. The reason behind is that the stems started getting dried once they are out of the water even for few minutes. Make use of sharp scissors and cut down the bottom-most inch of the stems.

Cut the Ends

Tip 4: Buy a packet of flower food
If the bouquet of flower is very small, then don’t throw it away. Instead, make use of packets of powdered flower food to make them grow and remain for longer period of time. Mostly, the packets have sugar (nutrients), acidifier (for maintaining the water pH) and bleach (to minimize the bacteria presence in the water). This can also be helpful for wholesale flowers.

Flower Food
Tip 5: Try to make your own concoction
In case you don’t have flower food, make your own by mixing lime juice, sugar and bleach use at your home. These three ingredients are enough of providing proper nutrition to the flowers. Remember to keep their stem open to kill the bacteria and prevent premature ageing.

Homemade Flower Food
Tip 6: Purify the vase
Cleanliness is the first priority if it is about the flowers. A clean vase is must and should be filled with clean water. This is the most important step to keep the flowers healthy and fresh for longer. Disinfect the vase with bleach and water in frequent interval of time.

Pure Vase

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