Nature has already made the provision that enables humans to enjoy flowers all the seasons and throughout the years. Each flower can be grown in the garden that requires little attention. We bring you a list of 8 fall flowers in India from wholesale flower market in Pune.


The fullness, fluffiness, and texture of this amazing flower can make anyone fall in love at first sight. They bloom in red, pink, and white colors. Be it in the garden or any room, camellia flowers can make the surrounding bright with their shine. They are tough to grow and maintain and therefore require patience, planning, and correct cultivation methods.

camellia flowers


These are amazing fall flowers in India with medicinal properties. They grow in sheltered spot and require lots of sunlight. At the nascent stage, they are in white color, and turned bright red when matured. The orange-tipped red anthers at their top make them attractive. People prefer hibiscus as wholesale flowers to prepare hair oil and tea.

Hibiscus Flowers


When planted, these flowers can turn a garden into colorful sight with their varieties in colors. They are one of the most-used flowers in bouquets, and event and home decorations. That’s the reason chrysanthemum is the most sought-after for wholesaler flower delivery. These flowers are given in a pot as a gift on Mother’s day.

Chrysanthemum Flowers

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are mostly chosen for weddings and for romantic occasions. When arranged in a vase, they make a beautiful table centerpiece due to their ivory white petals blended with lush green leaves. They are easy to grow, and offer a pleasing color range. With their arrow-shaped foliage and white head, calla lilies are a delight to watch in the garden as well as in a vase.

Calla Lilies


Gerbera comes from a daisy family and is generally grown in October. They are a large flower with  a variety of colors. It has a central disk that is of yellowish, light-bronze, or dark color. They are cheerful flowers and can be grown from seeds or seedlings. Gerberas generally thrive in sandy soil and under the full sun.

Gerbera Daisy


This is the most recognized flower in India that can brighten up eyes and the garden. They are big flowers with yellow petals and a dark-brownish central disk. They are excellent for decorating home for any occasions. Sunflowers can tolerate heat and drought. These bright flowers attract bees and birds that pollinate the plant.



Magnolia is a fragrant flower known for its purity and innocence. It is named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol. Its plants are taller with dark-green leaves that bear rubber-like texture. It resembles like a lotus and is generally used in pooja and rituals. Magnolia is best for a large garden or a farm house. To observe religious occasion or fulfill rituals, buy wholesale flowers online.



Rose is the most attractive flower that graces the gardens in October and November. Whether for decorative purposes or for use as a cut flower in a floral design, for a centerpiece, or a bouquet, roses fill hearts with love.


If you have special events in fall or autumn and cannot find these eight fall blooms with your local florist, order it to Prospect Flowers and buy wholesale flowers online. This online florist based in Pune is reputed for quality flowers and timely delivery.

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