As high-rise buildings, malls, and traffic pollution are dominating every city in India, nature is almost getting lost. Fresh, gentle breeze has sort of become a premium in urban areas. Lack of fresh air is also taking a tool on people’s health. Luckily, there are ways to replenish the daily dose of fresh air by bringing nature into your home. Here are 6 ways to incorporate nature through décor.

Floor Plants

Indoor plants are the need to the hour to mitigate the harmful effect of polluted air that we breathe outside. These plants not only raise the aesthetic level, but also fight indoor pollution. Most importantly, they can make any room fresh and remove air toxins. For all the rooms, buy floor plants from a wholesale florist supplier online.

Plants keep on floor

Fresh Flowers

Fresh, natural flowers are best for your home. They not only add appeal to rooms, but also make people believe they are in close proximity with the nature. Fresh blooms will also make your mood and bring good luck to you. The best part of them is, they don’t require a big space. You can keep them in a glass vase on the dining table, bedside table, teapoy, or windowsill.

Fresh Natural Flowers


Nature isn’t mean all about green plants. You can find it in pink and other colors as well. And when such plants offer additional benefits of aromatherapy, what else do you want. Blooming plants such as Orchids add a splash of colors in the room. They can even last longer with little care. Moreover, Orchids can add brightness to any room setting as well as make a bold statement.

Beautiful Orchids

Fresh-Cut Flowers

If caring for plants feels tiresome and you are okay with changing the indoor décor with natural elements after every short time, then fresh-cut flowers can do the needful. The only thing you have to do is, change them when they wither. But the brighter side of fresh-cut blooms is, they are inexpensive. You can even buy fresh flowers in wholesale for all the rooms.

Cut Flowers

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Don’t have space for a garden? Utilize your wall. Use small plastic or acrylic planters with herb plants and hang them on the walls. You can add fun and creative elements by combining the beauty and aestheticism of flowers and plants. A wall hanging herb garden of lavender plants will work as a natural stress buster and add freshness to the room.

Hanging Herb Garden

Have a terrarium

A terrarium is a glass vessel with a wide opening used for growing plants indoor. Having one in home is like having a little greenhouse. There are many plants that you can grow in the terrarium such as African violet, tillandsia, button fern, dragon tree, and many others. You can also add succulent plants. To buy terrarium plants, contact a wholesale florist online.


If you are interested to bring nature into your home, there are fewer chances that you can find these plants and flowers at a local florist. The only place you can get them is online at Prospect Flowers. This florist is a leading local grower and supplier of flowers and plants in Pune.

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