Choosing a gift for loved ones is always difficult. Numerous options available in the market just add to the difficulty. Now that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, you must be experiencing the same. Possibly, there would be a tussle going on between your brain and heart for selecting a gift. Even if you give the world to your mother, it’s still nothing. There is no way you can repay her for those several nights she stayed awake to let you sleep comfortably, or the prayers she offered to the god for your well-being and good life, or the difficulties she faced happily for raising you. But a bouquet on Mother’s Day will surely make her happy. You can celebrate Mother’s Day with these perfect flowers.


Available in a rainbow of colors, carnations are the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day. In fact, it’s a tradition to gift these gorgeous and fringed-petal flowers on Mother’s Day across the world. When Mother’s Day was first introduced, it was these flowers that were gifted to mothers. Since then, it has become a custom to include carnations for the celebration. If you want to show undying love for your mother, gift her a bouquet of pink carnations.

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When we think about mother, the only think that comes to mind is ‘love.’ If you agree this, then show it with tulips as these beautiful blossoms are meant for expressing love. A bouquet of tulips will show how much you love your mother. Since there are many colors, pink tulips are the best for gifting mothers. To express cheerfulness, you can select yellow tulips as well.

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Mothers are the epitome of love, support, care, and humility. To appreciate and respect your mother for all these features, gift her daisies. These beautiful blossoms are a symbol of respect and perfect flowers for Mother’s Day bouquet.

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Lilies are meant for expressing gratitude and appreciation. If you want to say thank-you to your mothers for everything she has done for you, then lilies are the perfect flowers. They are also a symbol of motherhood. The beauty and simplicity of lilies will transform any ordinary day into special.

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If you are thinking of gifting beautiful and exotic gift to your mother, then present her a bouquet of orchids. These are one of the popular flowers for Mother’s Day. They are planted at home and hence easy to get. Besides, they are also available in plenty of colours. Since mothers are also an epitome of strength, femininity, and grace, give her pink orchids.

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