Mother’s Day is the opportunity to show your mom what she means to you and how special she is. It’s the day to treat her differently than usual. You can offer her a spa treatment, a movie ticket, a treat at a famous restaurant, or take for shopping. Any gift from children will hold lots of sentimental values for her. But something that can make her laugh and cry with joy is a flower gift. With umpteen of varieties in Mother’s Day flowers, picking the perfect one will be a little difficult though. So, consider any of these 5 best gifts for this Mother’s Day and make the event memorable.

Carnation bouquet

The power of flowers is infinite. Nothing can change a mood instantly and fill the atmosphere with happiness like fresh, livid, and fragrant blossoms do. And when it’s Mother’s Day, what could be the best gift than a bouquet of carnations. Carnations and Mother’s Day have a deep relationship. In fact, the tradition of Mother’s Day has started with carnations. So choose a bouquet of red and pink carnations since they both symbolize life and love.


Tulip bouquet

Tulips are a popular choice for Mother’s Day. The killer looks, freshness, and unique shape make tulips the best blossoms for any types of flower arrangements. Gift a bouquet of tulips in white, pink, and purple. The white tulips will symbolize purity, the pink one affection, and the purple tulips royalty.


A planter tub

If your mother loves gardening, gift her a planter along with her favorite plants. A galvanized tub that is rust free and leak-proof will serve as the tub. The planter can be kept near the door or outside. You can buy the container online. Your mother will love the gift and whenever she sees the seeds blooming into flowers, it will remind her of you. To gift flower plants for the tub, buy it from a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale flowers in Pune.


Chrysanthemums bouquet

When there is mum in its name, how can it go wrong as a gift for Mother’s Day. Chrysanthemums were originally in golden colour, but over the years, cultivators are able to grow them in different colors. If you want to wish your mother lots of love and happiness, then a chrysanthemum bouquet is the best gift for this Mother’s Day.


A Bouquet Pink & Red Roses

For the sweetest person in your life, a bouquet of pink and red roses will be a cute gift. Both the colours will serve as a pleasing contrast and the bouquet will also become a unique one. Garden roses with long stems and a designer vase in red to hold the stems will make your mom feel special.


For DIY bouquets, you can buy wholesale flowers from Prospect Flowers, Pune. By placing an order online at their website, you can send premium quality Mother’s Day flowers at lower prices to Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai. It’s better to order in advance since Mother’s Day is the peak season for wholesaler and suppliers of flowers.

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