A stage is the main area in a wedding where most of the action takes place and all eyes are glued at. It is where the couple meets guests, and photography takes place. As such, ignoring the stage decoration is strictly no. Use these 5 best stage décor ideas for wedding, and enjoy the occasion.

Flowers Decoration

Placing just two chairs for the couple and hanging a patterned cloth at the backdrop will not make the stage stand out. Use flowers to make it alive. There are various popular wedding flowers such as roses, marigold, chrysanthemums, delphinium, freesia, gerbera daisy, jasmine, and hydrangeas to list a few, best for stage décor. Hang them in bunches, on an artificial stand placed next to the couple’s chair, or pin them in singles on the plain cloth as a floral backdrop. If the stage has a makeshift roof, cover the outer frontal area of the roof with multiple flowers.


Combine lights and flowers

If the wedding venue is large enough to build a huge, lengthy stage, then you need to add ample lights so that the stage is well-lighted. Use fairy light strings at the backdrop at 8 feet high from the stage. Combine flowers with the lights as well so that the stage appears brighter. Doing so will also support the photographer and video grapher to click and record moments on the stage


Floral Chandelier

Floral chandeliers are becoming a popular design element in wedding decoration owing to their look and fragrance they exude. Just decide a theme and pick multiple fresh-cut flowers along with fresh foliage, and other accessories necessary for the flower arrangements. Pick carnations, pink hyacinths, amaranthus, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, peonies, and dahlia buds for the arrangement. Once ready, hang the structure on the ceiling of the roof.


Floral Frames

If you are a minimalist who prefers simple stage décor for your wedding, then floral frames are the best option for you. Just ensure that the floral frames are enough in numbers to cover the length of the stage. Three or four floral frames will suffice though. Use white and pink flowers for the frame. The light and bright colours of the flowers will also add some natural light on the stage. The best thing about the floral frame is, you can use them at the entrance on the side walls as well. This way, the wedding will have a similar decoration theme.


Resin Flower Pots

Add character to the stage décor by placing resin pot flowers. Depending on whether the stage is in round, square, or rectangle, place the flower pots in symmetrical or asymmetrical position. Just ensure to fill the pot with fresh flowers. You can also use plastic pillars wedding stands or wedding flower stands to put the flowers.


A wedding is the celebration of life where being stingy can spoil the joy and excitement of the event. If the D-day is appearing fast, contact Prospect Flowers, the supplier of wholesale flowers in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkatta. Their quality and price of flowers will help you make the wedding grand.

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