Just like rules and customs are to be followed in social relationships, they should be adhered to even in business environment. No doubt, presenting flowers to a co-worker, boss, or business partner is a good gesture. But when, and what types of flowers to send need to be considered. In fact, following etiquette in work environment is more important since a wrong choice of flower can easily be misconstrued. It may also spark rumors and raise a few eyebrows in the office atmosphere. Your intention may be pure, but if expression is not correct, then it won’t send the right message. Therefore, it is necessary to know flower business etiquette.

When to gift flowers

Sending flowers to a co-worker or your boss without any reason could irk them. This gesture will also feed the rumor mill in the office and will serve as a feeder for gossip. So before indulging in such an act, know whether the occasion is appropriate to send flowers. Occasions such as birthday, marriage, new-baby arrival, transfer, or retirement are apt for gifting. But instead of presenting a gift all by yourself, involve the entire office to pitch in. Acknowledging the occasion collectively, rather individually, will not spark any suspicion. Moreover, there will be a healthy atmosphere in the work environment.

when to gift flowers

What flowers to choose

You cannot send “just-because” flowers to a co-worker or boss. They can send a wrong message, and be misconstrued. So sending right flowers is important to avoid misunderstanding. If it is a birthday of your work friend or manager, choose birth flower according to month. For example, carnation and snowdrop are the January birth flowers, and violet and primrose are February birth flowers. Likewise, each month has a specific birth flower. Similarly, there are popular wedding flowers such as rose, tulip, calla lily, lily of the valley, hydrangeas, peony, ranunculus, stephanotis, and others you can send to business associate on marriage. To congratulate your work friend on new baby, choose flowers as per the birth month. But while choosing flowers, find out if the couple and the new baby are allergic to flowers.

What flowers to choose


What flower color to choose

Every flower color has a specific meaning and represents a particular expression. For example, red roses are expression of love, romance, and passion, whereas, pink roses are mostly popular as a Valentine’s Day gift. So avoid sending red and pink roses to someone you are working with. Yellow roses are the best flowers to gift your co-workers since they symbolize friendship and good health. They are the best platonic flower gift for work environment that can never be misconstrued. If you want to congratulate your work friend on his or her promotion, send orange and gold roses as these flower colors connote enthusiasm, and passion for progress. For someone who has welcomed a new baby, send them white roses as they mean new life and remembrance. A bouquet of white roses is also best to express sympathy to someone.



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