Wedding is a beautiful moment of life, but at the same time expensive. No matter how cautious we are about not exceeding the budget, the inevitable happens. Besides dresses, wedding venue, and menu, a better part of the budget is spent on the weeding décor. Whether you are using artificial or fresh flowers for decorations, you have to dish out a good amount of money. But when you use fresh flowers, they can turn a dreary venue into a vibrant and pulsating setting. Flowers have that type of magical effect. If you are worried how to stay within the budget, and yet have a fabulous wedding, then buy wholesale flowers. These tips to buy wedding flowers in bulk will come handy for you.

Find wholesale flowers and suppliers

Search for wholesale flower merchants that have a high variety of wedding flowers. Ask for popular wedding flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, dahlias, daisy, gladiola, peonies, and amaryllis. You can even add your favourite flowers and seasonal flowers as well in the list. When you are satisfied with the range of wedding flowers, check if the wholesale flower merchant can make your choice of fresh-cut blossoms available on the day you need them. Then talk about the price for bulk purchase. For a safe side, ask the wholesale florists from where they source the blossoms. If they are sourcing it locally, then go for it.


Visit wholesale flower markets

Wholesale markets are the best source to buy quality and cheap wholesale wedding flowers in bulk. If the wedding is in Pune, then you can easily find one or two such markets. These markets are open to public once they are done with selling to local florists that buy in wholesale. Check if the wholesale market is fulfilling your requirements of flowers. Mark the price and quality of flowers offered by each vendor of the market. Once you have singled out a wholesale florist, get contact details for follow up as the wedding date comes nearer.

flower market

Wholesale flowers online

If you are short of time to visit wholesale markets, then check for wholesale flowers online. A few reputed wholesale flowers and suppliers in Pune have online presence as well. The advantages of buying wholesale flowers online are the premium quality of blossoms and delivery service offered. Not only the wholesale flowers will arrive fresh for your wedding, but also in bulk as per your order.

online flowers

Fresh-cut flowers are vital for wedding décor since they add aesthetic values to the wedding setting. Whether you are an individual, local, or an online florist, you can buy wedding flowers in bulk with Prospect Flowers. This wholesale flower suppliers offer both retail and wholesale fresh-cut flowers for trade.

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