Rainy season offers a great relief from the sweltering heat of summer, and brings nature alive. The first drop of rains and then the earthy scent after a brief pouring brings back childhood memories. However, rains also cuts down outdoor entertainment. The best way at such times is to celebrate indoor with fresh wholesale flowers that bloom in rainy season. If you are holding an indoor party and looking for decorations, use these piece of expert advice for the best flowers in rainy season.

Cape Jasmine

Whether you want to bring alive your garden, or add freshness and fragrance indoor, cape jasmine is the best flower that blooms in rainy season. The sweet and soft smell of this flower along with its bright white colour can dazzle up any space. If you need to plant the flower seed in the garden or make your living room lively, contact a wholesale florist that can supply the seeds as well as full-blown flowers at affordable rates. The Cape Jasmine flowers are generally known as ‘gandhraja,’ which means the king of fragrance. They can be best used in a container or vase.

jasmine flower


No other flowers love rainy season as much as indigo flowers do. In fact, they are called as the monsoon flowers since they bloom in plenty during this time. They are a regular sight at wholesale flower market in Pune during the monsoon season. Their thick, long green stems and star-shaped appearance in blue colour make an interesting contrasting. Though generally found in blue colour, these flowers are also grown in violate, and white colours.

Indigo flowers


This flower dons a shape of trumpet and is usually found throughout the year. But it blooms in full swing during the rainy season, especially August. It is a deciduous shrub that loses its leaves during the autumn. They are easy to grow and are used as one of the ingredients in the preparation of ayurvedic oil for topical use. They grow in bright red, yellow, and peach colour and easily attract butterflies and hummingbirds. If you want to help your loved ones with the oil preparation, send hibiscus by availing wholesale flower delivery India through a reputed wholesale flower supplier that operates online.

hibiscus flowers


The orange, golden, and light yellow colour of marigold flowers add sunshine to any surrounding. They are widely used in wedding decorations, religious celebration, and as an offering to gods. These flowers bear a mild fragrance. The best part of marigold is its properties to resist bugs from entering into home. For your garden and home decorations, this flower is an deal choice.

marigold flowers


Lilies not only dons good looks, and elegance, but are also capable of surviving in harsh cold weather. They are easy to grow and bloom in a variety of colours. These delightful blooms are best to add elegance to indoor décor. In flower language, lilies represent elegance, passion, and purity.

lily flowers

If you want to deck up your garden or your home during the rainy season, order any of these flowers from Prospect Flowers, Pune for wholesale flowers and supplies. This online florist has an extensive range of seasonal flowers to help you celebrate every big and small moments of life.

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