Hydrangeas are staple wedding flowers indigenous to America and southern and eastern Asia. They are named by combining two Greek words – hydra (water), and angeon (vessel). They bloom in red, white, purple, blue, and pink. Since they grow in a cluster, they look good in any flower arrangements. Their star-shaped petals and fullness add lots of texture to any floral display when combined with other blooms. Due to this, they have become popular wedding flowers. Hydrangeas are used by brides worldwide for wedding decorations, bouquets, centerpieces as staple wholesale wedding flowers. If you want to use hydrangeas as wedding flowers, check these ideas.

Hydrangea wedding décor

Hydrangea flowers can lighten up any indoor and outdoor venue with their charm. Use them with green foliage to create an impressive arch to cover the entrance of the church. For outdoor, install two planks at a distance to each other with a makeshift ceiling and wrap them with hydrangea flowers running the blossom from the bottom to the top. Include other flowers for creating an aesthetic appeal. Know that these types of decorations require flowers in abundance. But if you are  buying wholesale hydrangea flowers, you won’t have to make a big hole in your pocket.

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Hydrangea Bouquets

The fluffiness, and fullness of hydrangea make them look great both in single and in combination with other blossoms. Since they grow in a cluster, using two or three bunches of these pretty flowers is enough to make a large bouquet. This makes them a budget-friendly flower. Whether used in a single or multiple colours, the result is just stunning.


Hydrangea centerpieces

Hydrangeas offer a plethora of texture when used with other pretty blooms for centerpieces. They go well with roses, orchids, and green foliage. Using large hydrangeas for the centerpieces can create a visual impact. Whether you want to make tall or short centerpieces, they make a bold statement. If you want to add a pop of colours, pair them with peonies and roses. Hydrangeas are good to create boxed, cubed, and potted centerpieces. Whether you want monochromatic or polychromatic arrangements, these pretty flowers will surely up the ante.


Hydrangea chairs, pews, table runners, and garlands

When you have the option to  buy flowers wholesale, then why to spare the chairs, pews, tables, etc. Tie hydrangeas at the top of the chairs or the pews ends. This will make the atmosphere flowery, and guests would love to indulge in the wedding. Tie the bunches of hydrangeas with a ribbon. For more dramatic appeal, use mason jars as well. Using a long and heavy trail of hydrangeas as a table runner is another way to create a visual impact. In case of outdoor wedding, make a large garland of hydrangea flowers and hang it to the tree under which you would be saying, ‘I Do.’

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