Good friends are hard to find. You are lucky if you have them. If you do so, then maintain and strengthen the bond of friendship regularly. One good opportunity to do so is in Friendship Day. As this special day is fast approaching, there couldn’t be the best way to celebrate the spirit of friendship than wholesale flowers. We bring you beautiful flowers to celebrate this Friendship Day.


What is the one word that comes to your mind when you think about friends? Love – Isn’t it. It that is so, then you don’t have to press hard to find the perfect symbol of love. After all, roses are the universal symbol of love that are perfect to gift on any occasion. While red roses represent romance, passion, and love, you can gift yellow roses to friends as they are a perfect symbol for friendship and joy. Moreover, they convey platonic love. Another choice for Friendship Day is pink roses, which are considered as a symbol of friendship, grace, and happiness. Contact a wholesale florist in Pune to send Friendship Day flowers to your pal.

rose flower


There are many qualities in our friends that we admire and respect. They are the ones who inspire us and lead our life normally. To honour such buddies, gifting blue orchids will be the perfect tribute. They stand for grace, elegance, and hope. Another colour in orchids that is apt for Friendship Day is purple. The purple orchids will represent admiration and respect for your friends. The good thing about orchids is that you can pair them with roses to exhibit multiple emotions. This type of combination is a hit for wholesale flower delivery in Pune.

orchid flowers


Gerberas are one of those flowers that radiates happiness for the beholders since their petals dive outwards. They are lasting plants and bloom in yellow, orange, purple, deep red, white, cream, and other colours. Presenting a bouquet of twelve gerberas to your loving friends will signify many things depending on the choice of colour. If you are gifting orange gerberas, it will stand for innocence, purity, and happiness. If you take pride in friendship, then gift a flower arrangement of pink gerberas. Since yellow colour stands for friendship, you also have the choice to gift yellow gerberas. To honour the purity and innocence of friendship, white gerberas are the best to gift. To include multiple flowers in the gift, shop for  cheap wholesale flowers online.

gerbera flower


Say ‘Happy Friendship Day’ to your friends with the fluffy-petaled, beautiful chrysanthemum. Presenting a flower arrangement comprising white chrysanthemum will stand for truth, loyalty, and love.

chrysanthemum flower


If you wish your friendship to continue forever, then the best gift will be ivy. Ivy flowers stand for long-lasting friendship, and blossoming relationship. Your friends will admire this a beautiful bouquet of ivy and feel proud for your friendship.

Ivy flowers

If you cannot run to the wholesale flower market to buy Friendship Day Flowers, contact Prospect Flowers. Whatever varieties and quantity of flowers you wish to gift your friends will easily be available with them. Plus, your order will be delivered the same day by this leading wholesale flower supplier in Pune.

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