Ganpati festival holds a special place in our lives and this is the only festival which is celebrated for a long period of ten days. One thing which grabs everybody’s attention towards this festival is the vibrant and beautiful decoration. Every group decorates their Ganpati in a unique and attractive way.

There are so many ways to decorate your Ganpati, from glowing lights to colorful decorative items, tons of options are available for your beloved god. But decorating Ganpati with the fresh seasonal flowers is just a bliss. The natural beauty and fragrance of real flowers are just unmatchable to any other decoration item.

Here are amazing ways to celebrate Ganpati Festival with seasonal flowers:

Beautiful Flower Garland:

This is the best way to decorate Ganpati, a garland made up of fresh seasonal flowers will look beautiful and enhance the overall decoration of the celebration. A garland made up of fresh roses and jasmine is the best choice for decoration. As the life-span of roses and jasmine are slightly longer, there will be no problem throughout the day.


Make your Pooja Plate beautiful with seasonal flowers:

No festival is completed without a beautifully decorated pooja plate. Along with decorating the plate with artificial decoratives, you can use fresh seasonal flowers to decorate the pooja plate. Petals of flowers sprinkled on the plate along with a glowing diya of blessings.

pooja plate

Distribute flower to all:

Along with the Prashad, it is a good idea to give a flower along with it. As a sign of blessings of Ganpati, nothing will be more beautiful than a fresh seasonal flower like rose, lily, jasmine and many. Spread double happiness.


Flower jewelry for Ganpati:

Celebrate Ganpati Festival by decorating Ganpati with seasonal flowers. You can make crown made of flowers, flower bracelet, garland and much more. This will look absolutely unique and beautiful as well.


Avoid plastic, use beautiful flowers

Cut the use of plastic for decorating purpose, include minimalist flower decoration as your daily decoration theme. It will not only look good, but it’s also good for our environment.

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