Flowers play a beautiful role in our life; they bring aliveness, happiness, and freshness to our life. As we know each flower has, it’s own significance and story behind giving them to someone special. Each month has its own flower, January has its flower, May has it’s flower and so on.

Let’s know more about the birth flower of October. The flower of October is the magnificent marigold flower. Marigold is the symbol of prosperity, good luck, and cheerful life. In Asian countries, marigold flower decoration is done during all the festivals and functions. This flower has it’s deep connections with festivals, celebrations, and functions like the wedding.

Let’s know more about October Birth Flower: Marigold

The marigold is a Mediterranean plant which is known its prosperous and vibrant looks. Marigolds are available in a variety of colors like gold, yellow, orange and white. The height of the marigold flower also varies from place to place; it can go from 6 inches to 2 feet.


Types of Marigold Flower:

When we talk about the variety of marigold, there are more than 20 species available in marigold itself.  Mainly there are two types of marigolds exists, one is the tagetes, and another is the calendula. The main difference between these two is that the calendula species are eatable and holds some important, useful herbal curing and remedy properties for various diseases. The calendulas are also a good source of anti-oxidants. These are grown in single, double and semi-double flower blooms

And on the other hand, the tagetes are toxic species of Marigold. Some common flowers which come under this species are Aster, Baileya multiradiata, Bonbon orange and much more.

marigold types

What Marigold- the October birthday flower Symbolize:

The Marigold flower symbolizes the following properties:

  • The marigold flower represents victory, success, and virtue.
  • Marigold reflects passion, creativity, and intelligence.
  • Celebrate your birthday of loved ones by cheering them with beautiful calendulas.
  • For good health of a person, gift them a beautiful bunch of marigold.
  • Joy, happiness, cheerfulness and good times are the synonyms of this beautiful flowers.


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