As all flowers are beautiful in their own way but for events like wedding, you need to have some special kind of flowers for bouquets. If you are thinking about what some of the best famous and most charming wedding flowers are, read this article till the end and we will help you in buying the best and the most appealing wholesale wedding flowers.

Here are some of the special flowers for wedding bouquets:

Vivid Roses:

Roses are evergreen and always charming flowers which don’t even need as care as other flowers. Go for a big bunch of colourful roses to create fragranceful wedding bouquet. Along with red, white, orange colour, there are other interesting colours like cyan, orange and blue and more are available which you can include in your bouquet. If you need flowers in Pune, then you must check out Prospect Flowers, they are the largest wholesale flower delivery hub in Pune.

Inseparable carnations and orchids:

The combination of colourful carnations and velvet-looking luxurious orchids makes one of the best wedding bouquet options for you. You can go for contract colour options like pastel pink carnations with purple orchids, or orange carnations and white orchids or you can take one of every colour and get them bunched in a beautiful wrapper. Check out the exotic collection of carnations and orchids from the most popular wholesale florist in Pune.

Chrysanthemum and gerberas:

The bunch of these two flowers makes an eye-pleasing wedding bouquet combination. The charm of chrysanthemum and glamour of gerberas are an infinite source of beauty. These are one of the best exotic wedding flowers which take beauty to a whole new level. If you need these flowers in bulk, we are the best wholesale exotic flower suppliers for your every floral need.

The magic of mix and match:

This is an amazing idea to mix a variety of flowers together to create a vibrant looking wedding bouquet. Go for roses, orchids, gerberas, sunflower, lilies and more. While making such bouquet, just keep the flower quantity in mind, each flower should be visible beautifully. Take at least 2 flowers of every colour. Not just in the bouquet, instead of doing monotonic floral decoration, you can try a variety of colour options to bring some spice to the decor. Order your bulk flowers from Prospect Flowers – best wholesale flowers and bulk supplies company in Pune.

Some quick tips before ordering flowers:

1. Make a list of all the flowers you are going to order, this will help you while receiving the order.
2. Always ask florist about some caring tips to keep the floral decoration fresh for longer.
3. If you are ordering flowers in bulk, get the delivery just a couple of hours before the main event to maintain the freshness.
4. If you are getting a bouquet, make sure the flowers are not tightly bundled, there must be sufficient air flow.
5. Once you receive your bulk order, spread the flowers on a flat surface it will prevent them from accidentally breaking the stems.

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