What We Do:-

All our wholesale flowers and supplies are collected in refrigerated vans direct from the farms of our award-winning growers, ensuring optimum quality and freshness. We offer retail and wholesale cut flowers for trade. Presently with a variety of fifty-two rose varieties, we have a tendency to perpetually trailing new roses and colors in our glasshouses, longing for such characteristics as jar life, flower form, size, color, resistance to unwellness, production and transportability.

Our Staff:-

We are a wholesale flower supplier who has combined staff with many years of experience in the flower industry. We have a commitment to deliver wholesale flowers to our customers. Our staff is on hand to assist you in your floral orders, needs or enquirers via phone or e-mail. Here, you have the option of getting cheap wholesale flowers online! Alternatively, we welcome you to visit our warehouse and personally select from our expansive and ever changing product range. Come and be more than inspired at ‘Prospect Flowers’.

Our Aim:-

We aim to provide quality recent flowers with an honest jar life, while giving client satisfaction and prompt service.

We, as a wholesale flower supplier know that the wholesale flower market in Pune has been growing and Prospect Flowers is at your service with its best offerings.

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