Flower Handling & Delivery

In the event that you are a Flower Lover, then you know the delight of masterminding blossoms, and having new, wonderful blooms in your home constantly. You know the magnificent rush of accepting or giving blooms as a blessing. What’s more, you likewise know that it is so disillusioning to have blossoms that shrivel rapidly, blooms that are not as excellent or as durable as you probably are aware they ought to be.

At Prospect Flowers, the investigation of post harvest physiology is an imperative and on-going study. Notwithstanding our own particular examination, we survey and test all exploration and suppositions in the business. With the information, devices, treatment forms and long the enduring cultivars accessible today, there just is no reason that you can’t have great durable blossoms in your home.

The data in the accompanying pages will help you to purchase great blossoms, or gather them from your patio nursery, then condition and look after your blooms for the best vase life, quality and excellence. Notwithstanding the general data on consideration and taking care of, allude to the blossom library for data particular to individual blooms.

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