The first night of wedding is special for the couple. It’s the time for them to let their minds and bodies be one. Since they are entering into a new phase of life, their first night of wedding needs to be romantic, passionate, fragrant, and exciting. Decorating the wedding bed with fresh flowers will make the couple’s first night special. Prospect Flowers have a range of romantic and luxurious flowers and years of experience for bridal bedroom decoration. As the focal point of the bridal room will be the bed, here are some wedding bed decoration ideas.

Bedroom decoration for wedding first night

At first night of wedding, the bridal bedroom should exude romance and passion. The bedroom must make them get into the mood instantly. By incorporating red roses into wedding bed decoration, you can easily do so. In fact, no Indian wedding bedroom decoration is complete without red roses. We can provide you a large quantity of red roses to decorate the wedding bed. The red rose that stands for love and passion will relax the couple’s nerves, and work as an aphrodisiac.

Wedding bed with a flower canopy

If you dream of getting intimate amid a garden, then make one for your wedding first night. A bright and beautiful canopy of flowers comprising orchids will give you the exact feel. We have a colourful range of orchids to give the wedding bed a garden look. Our floral experts can also make the flower canopy that fits the wedding bed. The cheerful colour and freshness of orchids will soothe your eyes, and you will feel like being wrapped in a cozy cocoon of light. If you want wedding bed decoration with flowers with any of your favourite flowers, we are eager to help.

Sensual and romantic wedding bedroom decoration

We have been working with flowers for years and thoroughly understand the kind of magic flower arrangements can create. For the wedding first night, we will make the moment special for you with our exotic collection of flowers from around the world. Besides wedding night, we are also expert in bed decoration for honeymoon. Whether you are enjoying your honeymoon in a hotel suit room or any deluxe room, call us for the bed decoration.

So whether you are brother, sister, or friend of the bride or groom, contact Prospect Flowers for wedding bed decoration with flowers. We are creative, talented, and experienced in decorating wedding beds for first night and honeymoon, be it in a bridal bedroom or a hotel room. For more details Send An Enquiry Here

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