Wholesale Brasika Flowers Delivery Pune

Brasika flower is basically genus of plant known for its agricultural and horticultural use. The species and varieties of this flower are used for food like broccoli, cauliflower, turnip and cabbage among others. Some seeds are used for mustard condiments while some wild species includes weeds. They are originated mostly from Western Europe, the Mediterranean and some temperate parts of Asia. There are several species of this flower in the form of Shrubs as well.

Brasika can form a colorful bouquet for your loved ones as it is available in the shades of green, white and purple. They are grown as ornamental and artistic plant. This plant grows during Autumn and is in its full bloom during winter. You would be wondering whether this vegetable plant is good for decor. You would be surprises to know its significance in home decor. They can adorn your home for a longer period as they are less delicate and long lasting compared to other plants. So, next time think different and opt for Brasika. For more details Send An Inquiry Here

buy wholesale pink brassica flowers


Price: Rs.300 per stem  Min Qty : 40 stems

wholesale purple brassica flowers market in Pune


Price: Rs. 300 per stem  Min Qty : 40 stems

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