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Gerbera has a deep root in South America, Africa, and Asia. It belongs to the same species as sunflowers, asters, and daisies. It usually blooms in pink, red, orange, and yellow colours. But due to hybridization, you can find it in myriads of colours. This beautiful flower bears two-lipped florets that emerges for a central disk floret. One single flower of gerbera is composed of hundreds of tiny flowers. Being exceptionally beautiful in shape, it has become a popular flower for event decoration as well as for gifting.

Gerbera flowers market in Pune

Due to varied sizes and bright colours, gerbera flowers are used in all types of floral arrangements. Whether you’ve a birthday, wedding anniversary, or just looking to gift a bouquet to someone, these flowers can surely make the day for the recipient. Besides being beautiful, these flowers are also affordable. A bouquet of these big-head and charming flowers, or a bunch of them in floral arrangements doesn’t cost much. They also last long in a vase as compared to other fresh-cut flowers.

The popularity of these flowers can be judged by their fifth position after roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and tulips as the most commercial and popular cut-flowers in the world. So be it any event, and time of the year, we offer cheap wholesale gerbera flowers delivery in Pune.

Meaning of Gerbera

Gerbera is such a pretty flower that it’s hard to take off eyes once set on it. Its bright colour and beautiful shape fills hearts with happiness. With its potential to cheer up anyone’s mood and bring a smile to the face, these flowers are deeply associated with happiness. The primary meaning of this perennial flower is happiness. Since it is embraced by different culture for centuries, its meaning differs. For the Egyptian, it brings them close to nature, and means devotion to the sun. For the Celts, it serves as a stress buster, and reliever of pain and suffering.

Gerbera flower delivery in Pune, Mumbai, and across India

The best thing about these flowers is their easy availability all the year around. Being the fifth most popular cut flowers in the world, they are always in demand throughout the year. Prospect Flowers has the potential to supply gerberas for special events at a large scale.

We produce and supply gerbera flowers at wholesale rates to florists, event management companies, and wholesalers in Pune and Mumbai. We also hold a strong network of florists and are capable of supplying them anywhere in India.

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orange gerbera


Price: Rs. 120 per bunch  Min Qty : 50 bunches

wholesale flower market in mumbai 


Price: Rs. 120  per bunch  Min Qty : 50 bunches

white gerberas wholsale flowers delivery


Price: Rs. 120  per bunch  Min Qty : 50 bunches

Gerberas wholesale flower delivery 


Price: Rs. 120 per bunch  Min Qty : 50 bunches

cheap wholesale flowers 


Price: Rs. 120 per bunch  Min Qty : 50 bunches

cheap wholesale flowers delivery market in pune


Price: Rs. 120 per bunch  Min Qty : 50 bunches

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