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Heliconias are tropical plants identified with bananas, cannas and gingers. It is a wonderful bloom with multi-shading bracts and changed blossom structure. Heliconia blooms are much adjusted leaves and bracts. The blooming stems are generally pendulous. A bract is a leaf structure at the base of a blossom. Heliconia blossoms are created on long, erect or hanging panicles, and comprise of splendidly hued waxy bracts, with little genuine blooms inside the bracts. Bracts which can be orange, purple, red, yellow, pink, green, or their blends. They develop to a tallness of 3-30 feet in height. Each stem will just deliver one bloom, so once you have a stunning blossom essentially cut it then cut the stem out. There are a few types of Heliconia which have upright confronting blooms.

Wholesale haliconia flowers delivery market Pune


Price: Rs. 100 per stem  Min Qty : 50 stems

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Price: Rs. 100 per stem  Min Qty : 50 stems

Some Heliconia are developed for their roots or seeds and utilized as a part of therapeutic cures. Heliconia may stop to the ground however promptly resprout in the spring giving plant specialists in as far up as zone 7 the ability to develop Heliconia. They require a considerable measure of sun and warmth, so put under the sun or in a brilliantly lit range or hold those under a sun light for developed periods. For more details Send An Enquiry Here

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