Wholesale Double Rajanigandha Flowers Delivery Pune

Double Rajanigandha flower or Polianthes Tuberosa has variety of names in numerous countries. In India, it is called as Rajanigandha. The word ‘tuberosa’ means swollen, which is referred to its root system. It is a night growing plant originally from Mexico. The delicate plant is known for its beauty and fragrance. It is used for making perfumes as well. This flower grows properly during spring season. They can be used in pots at home or any other spaces perfectly. Being a scented flower, they can adorn any place beautifully. You can also look for sending them in bouquets or even setting a right mood for a party.For more details Send An Inquiry Here

Wholesale Rajanigandh flowers Delivery


Price: Rs. 100 per bunch  Min Qty : 100 bunches

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