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Tulip is from the class of bulbous plants from the lily family. They are found in most of the parts of the world including North Africa, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Siberia, Mongolia and China among others. They bloom in multiple colors in green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow among others. Tulip flower has graced several poems in thirteenth century. It has cultural significance in many religions and royal lineages.

Tulips are ornamental bulbous flowers used in several types of flower arrangements. They are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day. The varieties in color provide more options for preparing floral displays. Prospect Flowers can provide wholesale tulip flowers for any occasion. The prices offered by us are unbeatable and impossible for other florists in Pune to offer. In fact, local shops and florists buy wholesale flowers from us. You can easily create beautiful floral arrangements on your own using tulips as they bloom in single in per stem. Due to their size, shape, and the long stem, it’s easy to use them in floral displays. Send An Inquiry Here

cheap wholesale red tulip flowers market in Pune


Price: Rs. 120 per stems  Min Qty : 25 bunches

Wholesale pink tulip flowers market mumbai


Price: Rs. 120 per stems  Min Qty : 25 bunches

buy wholesale orange tulip flowers


Price: Rs. 120 per stems  Min Qty : 25 bunches

wholesale tulips flowers


Price: Rs. 120 per stems  Min Qty : 25 bunches

wholesale yellow tulips flowers


Price: Rs. 120 per stems  Min Qty : 25 bunches

Tulips are cultivated in many varieties. They are the commercial flowers with rubbery, fleshy leaves. They are sold in the wholesale market in a wrap of minimum 25 bunches. Tulips have the tendency of bending their necks towards the light. So they are tightly packed in a paper wrapper. The most popular ones in India are:

  • Single Early – This single cup-shaped tulips bloom early to mid season
  • Double Early – This type of tulip grows in a bowl shape double flowers in early to mid season
  • Triumph Tulips – This is also a single cup-shaped flower that blooms in the late season

Today, tulip festivals are held in many countries. These small flowers with delicate petals can really bring joy on face of your loved ones. You can keep them in a pot to grace any occasion. Buy fresh cut tulips online from Prospect Flowers – the wholesale flowers and suppliers in Pune.

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